Spent the summer cleaning out the house I grew up in, holding yard sales, trying to get rid of stuff that was perfectly fine but, somehow, didn’t sell in the yard sale. Filling my house in Northwood with stuff my mom — who is now living with me — and I couldn’t bear to part with.  All this with a lot of help from my husband, John Rule; my daughter, Miss Adi Rule; my brother-in-law, Jim Rule; my almost son-in-law, Kris “I lift things up and put them down” Seavey; and especially, my cousin Sheree, who held it together when I couldn’t seem to.

That said and done, I’ve found a little space to write again and share with the universe some of the stories given to me over the last few months.  Starting with this yankee butternut (sweeter than a chestnut) from Louise Prior:

“You think it’ll ever stop raining.”
“Always has befoah.”

Yup, it always has befoah.  And it will this time, too.