Bob worked in heavy equipment — bulldozers, wreckers, big trucks, little trucks. He said, “We’d get equipment out of Pease and fixed it for them. The boss — Gibson Motor and Machine — he wanted to get the equipment back to Pease that day. “He says, ‘Christ, don’t go sleeping on the job.’ We said, ‘Jack, you know damn well we aren’t sleeping.’”

Jack had a glass eye. He took it out and put it on a lower rail of the scaffolding. He says, “Now I’m gonna keep my eye on you.”

After Jack left, Vern climbs up to the top with the glass eye and sets it on the very top of the scaffolding.

When Jack comes back he looks around, “Where the hell is my eyeball?”

Vern says, “I put it up top. You can see more from up there.”