So many stories flying at me like fuzzy, friendly bats. And this one of particular interest during this Halloween season. From Goffstown, a discussion at town meeting of the deteriorating road through the cemetery — a hilly cemetery, a fairly steep hill — the voters seemed undecided. Should we spend the money to repair the road or leave it be another year or two? Superintendent of Cemeteries Leo Root spoke eloquently to the question. He said, “You can decide what you want, but that road keeps falling apart and those people will be coming back to greet you.”

Here’s a classic town meeting story — it has probably happened more than once in more than one town. When a stop light is proposed at a particularly busy intersection, some frugal voter pipes up: “Nobody’s been killed at that corner yet.”

And finally, in the Words of Wisdom department:

Glen in Chocorua shared this memory. His grandfather, an opinionated person, had this to say to his equally opinionated grandson: “You’re seldom right, but this time you’re wrong.” I’m going to remember that one. And use it.