Hello, Nashua. Thanks For the Stories

Returned to the Nashua Library to tell stories and invite them. Always a warm welcome in Nashua. A number of stories bubbled up. These were three of my favorites. One is morbid and political and timely. Always a good combination. The second is a kid’s story of honesty and mild violence. Not bad. And in the last one Auntie becomes irate! And rightly so.

Carol’s friend requested this as her gravestone epitaph: “Here lies a democrat who will not be voting in the election.”

Maxwell, three years old, cried and complained to his mother that his cousin, Sarah, pushed him. Sarah denied it. “I did not!,” she said. “I bopped him on the head and pinched him like a lobster.”

Judy told the story of her aunt, 86 years old, who discovered a freshly killed deer on her property. Thinking it might make good food for some needy family, she called Fish and Game.
They failed to show up.

A day or two passed and that’s when she became irate. What a waste. Auntie was “mad as a hornet. She said, ‘to hell with them.’”

She asked her handyman to bury the dead animal in her garden for fertilizer. He did. But when she checked his work, she discovered the hooves were stinking out.

“What did she do then?” I asked Judy.

“She went for the chainsaw.”