In Lee at the Grange Hall last evening, I knew it was going to be a good night when Chuck told me two stories before the program even started! He’s a Quaker. He said Quakers try to be nice no matter what, but sometimes they are tested. One fella got so worked up he hurled this insult at another fella: I hope when Thee goes home Thy mother crawls out from under the porch and bites Thee.


Chuck is also a serious farmer. He said the drought wasn’t so good for his potatoes. A real challenge. One fella says, “Did they turn out?” Chuck says, “No, had to dig ‘em.”

Some of his potatoes, he said, were golf ball sized. Some marble sized. And then there were some little ones.

Thanks, Chuck. And good luck with your petition to restore town meeting to Lee. The town voted it out a few years back. One thing the crowd at the Grange Hall agreed on — the new deliberative session method isn’t working out so well. Maybe Lee will become the 4th town in NH to vote out SB2 (deliberative session government) after once voting it in. Maybe they’ll start a trend.

Fingers crossed.