Headed up to the Sugar Hill Lupine Festival on Saturday, it was Lupines everywhere.  Also, crafts, food, tourists, locals.  I told stories for about an hour under a tent.  Brenda Aldrich set me up with a story about her mom, Maxine — who was in the audience.  I think Maxine was pleased and surprised. Hard to tell with a yankee though.  The story goes that in the 70s a big truck crashed into the bridge on 117 and 18.  It was a goner, so the town had to rebuild and held a meeting to discuss positioning.  It could be straight across the river, or it could tilt south toward Franconia or north toward Littleton.  Which did the public prefer.  Maxine allowed as how she generally turned right toward Franconia when she left town.  Her husband, Brenda’s troublemaker father, allowed as how he generally turned left toward Littleton.

Police Chief Gary Cole had the last word though.  He said, “Don’t the two of you ever ride together?”

Special thanks to the man in Sugar Hill whose name I didn’t catch who asked if I’d stopped writing my blog.  I had.  Didn’t realize anybody noticed. But since he did, I figured what the heck.  Will crack her over and start her up again, rusty as she is.