Wine Me Dine Me: Calef’s (other) Big Cheese celebrates 60 years

Posted Aug 30, 2017 | by Rachel Forrest

Sixty Years of Cuttin the Cheese by Rebecca RuleThe history of a beloved place can always be told through its people, the generations who made it so beloved. One hundred and 48 years ago, Mary Chesley Calef opened a little country store in the front room of her house in Barrington, N.H., and her family, including son Austin who became a state senator, and quite a few more generations ran that now landmark store until it was bought by the Hortons, and now run by Greg Bolton and Len Angelo, who bought the store in 2011. All of those people, those Calef generations and modern proprietors are found in a new book by New Hampshire humorist and author Rebecca Rule, “Sixty Years of Cuttin’ the Cheese: Joel Sherburne and Calef’s Famous Country Store” (Peter E. Randall, Publisher, 2017). But it’s one man who brings the story of Calef’s to life like no other – Joel Sherburne.

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