Knowing that I’m fascinated by all things earthy and town meeting, Jackie Heath sent this story about an exchange at the Holderness town meeting some years back.

For many years, the little library in Holderness did not have a bathroom. Finally it was put on the warrant, to see if the town would vote to fund one.

The town meeting went peacefully, with attendees voting in the regular stuff: fire trucks and so forth.

When discussion on the library budget and the proposed restroom came up, things became somewhat heated. Why fix it if it ain’t broken? There’d never been a bathroom before, why do we need one now?

Mr. Perkins got up and said that his sister Sadie had been a librarian there for 30 years and she’d never needed nor expressed a need for a restroom.

A fellow from Public Works spoke to Mr. Perkins’ point: “Well she must have had a helluva good holding tank!”

The meeting erupted in laughter and the vote was in the affirmative — Holderness Library has a restroom to this day, and Jackie Heath, librarian, does not have to worry about the capacity of her holding tank.